Live Tweeting the SRC meeting

5:30 p.m.

Dr. Ackerman is not at today's meeting.  A spokeswoman said she was ill; SRC Chairman Robert L. Archie Jr. said "I assume she is at home."

But State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams said he knows that she was told not to come to the meeting.  He said Ackerman is being marginalized, and that the decision to cut back eight Promise Academies was not made by her. 

Williams, an Ackerman supporter, said he has serious questions about the SRC - how it makes decisions, and how it is treating Ackerman.

"This is not about her performance.  This is all about other issues and personalities," Williams said.

He said he had asked Sen. Jeffrey Piccola, chair of the Senate Education Committee, to call a meeting with the SRC. 

Just to clarify something if you're following along with my Tweets: I erroneously attributed some statements Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams made to Sen. Vincent Hughes.  Sen. Hughes was not in attendance; he didn't make the statements.  (And to make things more confusing, activist Pamela Williams spoke after Sen. Williams.  Some of my Tweets are about Sen. Williams and some are about Pamela Williams - follow closely...)

More to come...


The Philadelphia School Reform Commission is scheduled to meet today at 2 p.m.

On the agenda: remarks from Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, about 40 student expulsions, adoption of a charter for Olney High, amendment of the SRC's public meeting schedule for the coming school year, approval of a new code of student conduct and a parental engagement policy.  There's also the usual host of contracts and other approvals.  Note: this is a planning, not a voting meeting, so no action will be taken on any of these matters today.  See the agenda here. See the resolutions here.

No word yet on how many folks signed up to speak at the meeting.

Last week's special SRC meeting was full of fireworks, from people passionately defending Ackerman and expressing outrage over the loss of eight Promise Academies to Ackerman herself vowing to fight to hold on to her job.  Who knows what today will bring?

Follow along here as I live Tweet the meeting.  (You can follow me on Twitter @newskag.)