Live from the SRC: charter closings, a last-minute $36m resolution?

Before a School Reform Commission meeting on June 15, 2017, the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools holds vigil for closed public schools.

Welcome to Thursday's SRC meeting. Hope you packed snacks; I did. It's the final SRC meeting of the school year, with a packed agenda - more than 50 speakers, protests over planned nonrenewals of charter schools, and furor over a recently-added resolution to spend millions on a vendor who would run a new school for students with special needs. (Advocates worry that the school would segregate the students, and that it was hurried onto the agenda with no notice to the special education community.)

Stay tuned. It's going to be a long and newsy night.

UPDATE: After pressure from activists and elected officials, the special-education school resolution was pulled from tonight's SRC agenda at Superintendent William R. Hite Jr.'s direction. 

City Councilman Derek Green introduced a resolution Thursday that called on the SRC to reject the resolution. Green, a parent of a district student with special needs, objects strongly to the district's proposed action, which he called a "segregated school."

The school "threatens to deny students with low-incident disabilities their legal entitlement to be educated in the least restrictive environment alongside their non-disabled peers as required by federal and state laws, raising significant legal, educational, financial and procedural concerns," stated Green's resolution, which was co-sponsored by Councilwoman Helen Gym.