SRC livetweets: Charter nonrenewals and more

Against the backdrop of City Council coming up with a $30 million loanfor the fall, in addition to a $27 borrowing now - to help rescue the beleaguered Philadelphia School District, its School Reform Commission meets Thursday night to consider a full agenda. (On the Council doings - Superintendent Hite calls the move "gigantic," and said it staves off layoff notices, at least for now. It also allows the district to turn its full attention to Harrisburg, where legislators will consider a $2-per pack cigarette tax.)

On tap for the SRC meeting are the usual recognitions of terrific teachers and students (including the ones who rushed into a burning building to save a child!) and also some charter matters. Two charters, Ad Prima and New Media, are scheduled to be nonrenewed, according to the tentative agenda.

Follow along here - I'll be livetweeting, as usual. The meeting's supposed to get underway at 5:30 p.m.