Expand SRC to 8 members, legislator says

State Rep Jordan Harris (D., Phila.) wants to change the makeup of the School Reform Commission, the governing body of the Philadelphia School District.

Harris has proposed legislation that would add three new members to the panel, which currently consists of three gubernatorial nominees and two mayoral picks.  Harris wants the governor to select a city charter school parent and the mayor to pick a parent representative from a district school plus the president of the city's student government association.  (The student would be a non-voting member of the SRC.)

SRC members are not paid.

The legislation, Harris said in a release, would "ensure that parental voice and involvement is a permanent voting fixture on the School Reform Commission...we can no longer depend on an informal voice from parents and students with regards to the education of their children and themselves."

Of the five current commissioners, two - Wendell Pritchett and Sylvia Simms, both mayoral appiontees - have children or grandchildren who attend city schools.  Pedro Ramos' children recently graduated from district schools.

What do you think - good idea? Necessary?  Will it gain steam?