Cayuga educators suspended without pay

Four educators who were arrested and charged in connection with a cheating scandal have been with suspended without pay, a Philadelphia School District spokeswoman said Friday.

Evelyn Cortez, Rita Wyszynski, Jennifer Hughes and Ary Sloane face criminal charges of conspiracy, tampering with public records, forgery and related crimes.

Cortez was principal of Cayuga Elementary. Wyszynski and Hughes were teachers there, and Sloane, a former Cayuga teacher, had most recently been principal of Bethune Elementary in the district. They, along with Lorraine Vicente, who had been laid off from the district in 2011, allegedly fostered a culture of test-cheating at the Hunting Park school.

Spokeswoman Raven Hill confirmed their suspensions without pay pending the outcome of a disciplinary case against them.

The district's case against the four is moving swifly. They had only been called to a disciplinary conference on Tuesday.

All could be fired, and would lose their pensions if convicted.