Ackerman's tax troubles?

Arlene Ackerman, Philadelphia's school superintendent, owes the IRS more than $20,000 in back taxes, according to public records.  Fox29 first reported this news in a broadcast today.

The superintendent is paid $348,000 annually.  That's her base salary, and doesn't include performance bonuses and other perks, like a car, contributions to a retirement fund, a hefty life insurance policy, etc. 

District spokeswoman Jamilah Fraser provided a statement from Ackerman's personal tax attorney.

The lawyer, Michael Gillen, director of the Tax Accounting Group of Duane Morris LLP (SRC Chairman Robert L. Archie's firm), said:

"The IRS lien you asked about is standard operating procedure for the Service.  We were aware of the IRS obligation, which arose out of a change in tax reporting by the San Francisco School District a number of years ago.  We came to an agreement with the IRS quite some time ago.  We are working with the IRS to determine the proper taxes due," Gillen wrote.

Gillen continued: "As proper payment of tax was critically important to Dr. Ackerman, last year and well before the filing of the lien, Dr. Ackerman voluntarily began making monthly payments to the IRS.  This matter has been resolved and Dr. Ackerman continues to remain in full compliance with the IRS."