About that snow day

The Philadelphia School District may not have to make up Monday's snow day? (MICHAEL S. WIRTZ / staff photographer)

On the seventh snow day of the 2013-14 school year for the Philadelphia School District, is it time to think about June yet? Going to school later in June, that is?

Not so fast.

With one extra day built into the calendar, Philadelphia ostensibly has to make up six snow days. Officials had previously announced that they would change three days once scheduled as spring break - April 15, 16, and 17, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - to full school days. The district has asked for a waiver from the state education department for the rest of the time, hoping that although it technically does not meet the requirement for the number of days school must be in session, the fact that it meets the number of hours required will be enough.

(One note on the quirky scheduling of the restored spring break days - they fall midweek because Passover starts on Monday April 14.)

If further snow days are needed, schools would extend the year by keeping kids in class beyond June 19, the current final day of school.

District spokesman Fernando Gallard said the district may not have to make up today's snow day at all.

"We may have to add a day at the end of the year, or we might get a waiver from [the state Department of Education]," Gallard said.