Philly School Files Archive: August, 2012

Philadelphia School Partnership: halfway to raising $100m

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The Philadelphia School Partnership is halfway to raising $100 million - a lofty goal it set when the nonprofit began two years ago. PSP was... Read more

Kristen Graham on Philadelphia School Parternship

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Kristen Graham is live tweeting a major announcement today by the Philadelphia School Partnership, which pledged two years ago to raise $100... Read more

District severs ties with alternative school provider

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The Philadelphia School District has severed ties with a for-profit alternative education company that runs alternative schools in the region... Read more

Archdiocese hands over school management to independent foundation

In a radical, and nationally unprecedented, change to its 120-year-old education system, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is handing over management... Read more

Live tweet Archdiocese of Philadelphia announcement

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Today at 11 a.m., Inquirer schools reporter Kristen Graham will be live tweeting an Archdiocese of Philadelphia announcement about Catholic... Read more

Students, teachers developing alternative to Philly school plan

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Many students, teachers and community members have made it clear - they don't like the Boston Consulting Group's recommendations for overhauling... Read more

New code of conduct - livetweeting the SRC

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Tonight's the August meeting of the School Reform Commission, and the big-ticket item on the agenda is the new student code of conduct, which... Read more