Wrong about Chan Ho

I would like to apologize to Chan Ho Park.

I wasn’t crazy about this signing last winter. I put him on the list of those guys who pitched well when it really didn’t matter, tried to get too cute and too precise when it did. I saw the up and down career that started with such promise when he was still in his teens, saw last postseason as evidence of him not pitching big when things got big.

Park has been everything I thought he wasn’t this season, beginning with gracefully handling his disappointment being removed as a starter, and pitching well immediately afterwards. After watching J.A. Happ keep the game manageable Tuesday night and Park hand the ball to the back of the bullpen, you couldn’t help but smile about the twists and turns of a 162-game season. It’s part of why paying attention to this sport is so much fun. The more you do, the more there is to see.

Anyway, Park has won me over. I was dead wrong last winter.

I also think Happ’s Tuesday start was an indication that he isn’t just this year’s edition of Kyle Kendrick. He didn’t have much. Yet he kept them in it, even as they were being no-hit. Good stuff.

Shane Victorino on the guy who dumped a beer on him: ``I tip my hat to him. He had perfect timing.''

Hard to not like this guy.