Biron the better goalie so far

Martin Biron made 26 saves in the Flyers' 6-3 Game 3 win over Pittsburgh at the Wachovia Center. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

The Flyers may still be losing this series, but after today’s 6-3 Game 3 victory Marty Biron is outplaying Pittsburgh’s Marc Andre-Fleury. At least statistically.

He’s made more saves, allowed fewer goals and really, was within a late power play goal Friday of stealing Game 2 in Pittsburgh.

So why does he get so little love? Beats me. Unlike so many of the guys who have come between him and Bernie Parent, Biron is technically sound, playoff-tested and a really great teammate. But he’s not that other Marty and his last name isn’t Parent, so until he’s holding that Cup over his head, he better keep standing on it.

A recurring Flyers complaint is that the P on their jersey invites a raised hand by referees. Two great pieces of evidence were successive calls on Mike Richards against Evgeni Malkin in the second period. First Richards was called for a holding call as he hounded Malkin down the left boards.

Replays showed Richards tried but failed to get either hands or stick on him. Later, as Malkin wheeled from Richards in his own zone, he caught an edge and slipped momentarily. Again, Richards was called, this time for a slash.

As bad as the penalties themselves, the descriptions made no sense. Richards was lurching forward on both calls. He didn’t have enough balance left to hold or to slash. Or to foul really.

Later in the period, Jeff Carter was called for a slash that also never occurred. C’mon Zebras. They may not be named Malkin or Sidney Crosby, but these two are not hacks. They should be treated like stars too.