Tec-9 wielding gunman shoots up West Philadelphia strip bar

A gunman shot up a West Philadelphia strip bar Sunday, wounding two people, including one of the dancers, possibly after a lap dance gone wrong.

Police responded to La Pearl Lounge, on the 300 block of North 54th Street, about 8:30 p.m. and found a 38-year-old club bouncer shot in his back and a 32-year-old dancer shot in her face.

Both were treated at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and in stable condition, police said.

“We’re not quite sure what we have going on here yet,” Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives said of the shooting.

The dispute may have been sparked by a dancer who was jealous that her boyfriend had recieved a lap dance from another performer, Walker said.

At some point, the argument spilled onto the sidewalk, Walker said. The suspected shooter, who police believe was in the club earlier in the night, complained that someone had slashed his tires.
Walker said the man left and someone fitting his description soon returned with a Tec-9, a semi-automatic handgun. Patrons and employees rushed for cover as the gunmen squeezed off three shots toward the front door.

The bouncer was hit as he tried to run inside. The dancer was standing near the entrance when she was struck. She told police she saw the large gun, then a flash, and felt the bullet. It was not yet clear who the gunman wanted to shoot or whether the victims were the intended targets, Walker said.

The suspect was described as a stocky man in his mid-30s, about 5-10 and wearing a burgundy hooded sweatshirt.