Few leads in grocery store slayings

Take a good look at this van: especially the unique, off-centered lettering.

If it looks familiar, call homicide investigators at 215.686.3334.

Detectives think the operator of the van could have information regarding the triple slaying at Lorena's Grocery in West Philadelphia. 

In security footage, the van can be seen driving in the area of the corner grocery on 50th and Parrish Streets where Porfirio Nunez, his wife, and sister were shot and killed Sept. 6 in an apparent robbery gone bad.

Investigators are not labeling the driver of the van a suspect, but believe the person might have seen the two gunmen entering or fleeing the store.

There is a $25,000 reward in the case.

It has been a frustrating three weeks for investigators. With the help of additional manpower dedicated to the investigation, detectives have canvassed the neighborhood, speaking with hundreds of residents, compared video of other neighborhood robberies and eliminated deadend leads.

They have no suspects.

The neighborhood cooperation has been strong, investigators said.

Nunez and his family were well-liked, known for lending customers a helping hand when they were down and letting them pay on credit when low on money.

The police firearms investigative unit is analyzing casings and bullets found in the store to see if the gun used in the killings can be linked to other crimes, investigators said.

Officers from highway patrol, narcotics, and the 16th police district are assisting in the investigation, investigators said.

Police are hoping the public could provide a break in the case.