Penn State-bound Skyler Mornhinweg's press conference

St. Joseph's Prep QB Skyler Mornhinweg commits to Penn State. Here are some of the press-conference hihglights:

3-year starter

2 years as two-way starter (QB and DB)

Led team to six fourth-quarter comebacks

45 TDs (32 passing)

500-plus rushing yards

Captain of baseball team (first baseman)

St. Joseph's Prep second-year coach Gabe Infante on Mornhinweg:

"He is the most talented quarterback I've ever coached. His recruiting process was an intense one. He is a prolific passer, probably one of the greatest high school passers I've seen in my career. He's a highly respected member of our program, extremely well-liked in our community. He's a natural-born leader and an incredible competitor."

Skyler Mornhinweg on Penn State:

"It's a great football tradition. It's a very old-school mentality.

Also, there's excellent academics."


-He attended a Penn State game with his mom, Lindsay: "I got to see the fans first-hand; it was a great thing to be a part of."

"Coach (Ron) Vanderlinden did a heck of a (recruiting) job."

"I'm happy and real excited about this opportunity."

Joe Paterno: turns 85 in December (last year of contract)

"I'm just real excited to play for one of the great coaches in the history of the game. I'm sure Penn State will operate the same way for years to come."

(on switching gears from Stanford choice):

"I simply stepped back and re-evaluated things. I'm really glad that I got to take a step back and look at Penn State."

"Distance is not an issue for me. Penn State is Penn State. That's why I'm going there."

"I have tremendous confidence in the coaches. Me and my dad got to watch a lot of film on them. We're real happy with the way they run their offense."

"I'm prepared to compete. I just want to get better every day."

-Rick O'Brien

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