The Eagles need someone other than Brandon Boykin to step up at CB

Brandon Boykin. (Akira Suwa/Staff Photographer)

Brandon Boykin has been by far and away the Eagles' best CB throughout training camp. He has gotten work both on the outside and in the slot, and has excelled at both spots.

There'a a thinking that has emerged that Boykin could be a regular starter in the Eagles' defense this season. Based on his level of play during camp, it is deserved.

However, the one thing that will always work against Boykin is something that is completely out of his control. Boykin is 5'10, or to be overly accurate, he's 5'9 3/4. Boykin has done a good job shutting down tall receivers like 6'7 Ifeanyi Momah during camp, but there's a big difference between Momah and established bigger stud wide receivers like Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall, who all do a tremendous job using their size to their advantage. Any one of those receivers vs Boykin would be a mismatch.

Can the Eagles get away with starting Boykin based on who they will face this season? Within the NFC East, the argument can be made within reason that they can. The Giants have two receivers in Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz who are both shy of 6'1, while the Redskins' starters are both 6'0. It would be reasonable to think that Boykin could handle the small difference in size vs those two opponents. The Cowboys, however, have a pair of receivers in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin who are both 6'2, and have physical styles. That's where it can begin to get a little tricky. Boykin would be giving up 4 inches to each receiver, which is significant enough to consider trading some talent for size on the outside.

It is the rest of the Eagles' opponets who will make Boykin's size become a major issue. Here are the combined heights (in inches) of every teams' projected starting wide receivers:

Note the top 5 teams on this list. They are ALL on the Eagles' schedule this year.

Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher have better size than Boykin, but they have both missed time during this training camp, and when Fletcher has played he has not impressed.

Both players are going to have to step up at some point. 

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