Random Eagles notes: Fun with draft history, and LaMarr Woodley in Philly?

LaMarr Woodley could be on his way out of Pittsburgh. (Justin K. Aller/Getty Images file photo)

With everyone getting back to the office this Monday morning still suffering from "snow fatigue," it's hard to jump right back into work. So feel free to procrastinate being productive, and check out the following random Eagles notes.

Where were the Eagles' current players drafted?

For no reason whatsoever, here are where Eagles players were drafted overall:

• If you exclude free agents Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles only have 3 former 1st round picks on their roster. Not drafting a player in the first round in 2007 and 2008 helps explain that, and it's also noteworthy that the Eagles traded a first round pick for Jason Peters, which has turned out to be a great move. Here's a breakdown of what rounds the Eagles were drafted:

Four of those five first round picks were drafted by the Eagles. They are Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Jeremy Maclin.

Sounds bad, right? You know who else doesn't have many of their own 1st round picks on their roster? The Seattle Seahawks, as pointed out by the great Time's Yours:



The Seahawks are indeed bereft, Time's. Like the Eagles, they only have four 1st rounders of their own. They are Bruce Irvin, James Carpenter, Russell Okung, and Earl Thomas (RAAAAAGE!!!!!!!). The Hawks do have two 1st round imports: Percy Harvin and Beastmode.

• Patrick Chung was 2 picks away from being a 1st round pick.

• Players drafted 46th overall make up half of the Eagles starting linebacking corps.

• It's still hard to understand how Brandon Boykin lasted until the 4th round.

• The Eagles have had several hits in the 5th over the last decade: Trent Cole, Riley Cooper, and Brent Celek were all drafted in the 5th, and Earl Wolff looks like he could be another promising addition to that list. However, the Eagles' hit rate is a little misleading, because they've had an abnormal number of 5th round picks over the last decade. Since 2004, they've had 16 5th round picks.

Here are the "other" names from that list, in chronological order: Thomas Tapeh, Scott Young, Jeremy Bloom, Omar Gaither, CJ Gaddis, Cornelius Ingram, Macho Harris, Fenuki Tupou, Ricky Sapp, Dion Lewis, Julian Vandervelde, and Dennis Kelly. The Eagles have 2 5th round picks this year.

I bought this for like $1 a couple years ago (the jersey, not Charlie):

• NFL teams passed on Donnie Jones 223 times during the 2004 draft before he was selected. Make 'em pay, #DonnieFootball. 

• The Eagles have two contributors who were drafted 229th overall.

• The most notable undrafted free agents on the roster: Jason Peters, Cedric Thornton, Chris Polk, Colt Anderson, and Jon Dorenbos.

Who was drafted 22nd, 54th and 86th?

Hack bloggers like myself do this every year, and it's fairly useless, but hey, what the hell...

The Eagles draft 22nd, 54th, and 86th this year, assuming they don't trade out of any of those spots. Here are the players over the last decade who were drafted in each of those slots:

That is some serious grossness. 2010 was probably the best year. It's hard to decide which one is the worst. 2004 was certainly awful, and 2012 is looking like a disaster.

How about LaMarr Woodley?

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks the Steelers could cut OLB LaMarr Woodley. Bouchette's reasoning goes beyond the following, so check out his article in full, but here are the money implications to the Steelers.

Woodley is due an $8 million salary in 2014, when he will count $13,590,000 on their salary cap, according to overthecap.com. He is signed through the 2016 season with salaries (and cap hits) of $8.5 million ($14.09M) in 2015 and $9 million ($11.99M) in 2016.

So, let's say they would cut Woodley today. They would save all the salaries they owe him, including the $8 million this year. According to the league's CBA rules, however, all of the pro-rated bonus money that has been spread out over the next three seasons would count this year.

If they cut Woodley today, he would count $14.17 million on their salary cap this year, nearly a wash for what he will count -- $13.59 million -- if you keep him. But by cutting him now, he is wiped off their books for 2015 and 2016 and for a team that many say is in salary-cap hell, that's a significant cap savings -- a total of $25.5 million (his salaries) in both real money and cap savings over three seasons with none of it counting after this one.

"Bouchette" rhymes with "Gazette," so you know his analysis is on point. If/when the Steelers cut Woodley, it will just be easier for me to link to this article when the questions come up as to whether the Eagles should have interest or not. The answer: They should absolutely not, for the following reasons:

• He'll turn 30 next season.

• If you think Trent Cole is in decline, look at Woodley's numbers. Woodley's sack totals, in 2 year increments, excluding his rookie season:

That is a significant decline in every category.

• A year ago today, a report came out in which a teammate slammed Woodley for being lazy. This is ugly:

"He was awful," one teammate said of Woodley's performance last season.

"He tells us he works out, but we didn't see it. He wasn't in shape. That has to be a reason why he was always hurt."

• He was drafted 46th overall in 2007, and as we learned above, the Eagles already have 2 starting linebackers who were drafted 46th overall. Three is too many.

In case you missed it at the Red Zone...

• Here are three bargain bin free agents the Eagles could consider.

• If the USA created an Olympic football team, who would they play? I created a team of foreigners.

• Jason Avant's inability to get yards after the catch could seal his fate in Philly.

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