Is this the best Eagles draft?

(Rich Schultz/AP file photo)

What can you take away from a preseason game in which both teams tried to show as little as possible against their opening-week opponent? Well, one thing that has stood out during the preseason has been the play of the Eagles' rookies.

Which led to a question in the Eagles' chat during Friday's game: Is this the best Eagles draft class ever? 

When considering that question, one massive caveat is needed: time changes everything. At some point, many Eagles' draft classes looked promising, particularly in the preseason when the draft picks are playing against the second, third, and maybe even fourth teams.

Remember the praise heaped on 2007's class of Kevin Kolb, Victor Abiamiri, Stewart Bradley, Tony Hunt, and C.J. Gaddis. Yeah, well, the best of that class was Brent Celek, who was picked after all of those guys.

Still, this year's draft class has been impressive—and it doesn't even include undrafted rookie Damaris Johnson, the team's starting punt returner who is a lock to make the team.

With yet another stellar game by Johnson and Nick Foles (3rd round), here are one man's rankings of the best Eagles draft classes since 1960. This year's class is included in the rankings…for now.

1973: Jerry Sisemore (1st), Charle Young (1st), Guy Morriss (2nd), Randy Logan (3rd), Joe Lavender (12th)

1986: Keith Byars (1st), Anthony Toney (2nd), Seth Joyner (8th), Clyde Simmons (9th)

2002: Lito Sheppard (1st), Michael Lewis (2nd), Sheldon Brown (2nd), Brian Westbrook (3rd)

1987: Jerome Brown (1st), Byron Evans (4th), David Alexander (5th), Ron Moten (6th), Cris Carter (a supplemental pick who was Hall of Fame-caliber when he played elsewhere)

1979: Jerry Robinson (1st), Petey Perot (2nd), Tony Franklin (3rd), Max Runager (8th)

2005: Mike Patterson (1st), Todd Herremans (4th), Trent Cole (5th)

2011: Danny Watkins (1st), Alex Henery (4th), Dion Lewis (5th), Jason Kelce (6th), Brian Rolle (6th)

2012: Fletcher Cox (1st), Mychael Kendricks (2nd), Vinny Curry (2nd), Nick Foles (3rd), Brandon Boykin (4th), Bryce Brown (7th)

The fans' take

What do Eagles' fans think of the team's preseason? Here are the best comments from Friday night's in-game chat.

When it appeared Nick Foles might start the second half:  "Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would be worried about Nick Foles getting hurt? (from BobPhxville)

More on Foles:

"I saw Foles take one hit, while he had quite a bit of pressure around him while he played tonight. He is avoiding hits by moving his feet and throwing the ball, keeping his head looking downfield for his receivers. Vick doesn't do that. Take a look at Foles' TD pass to Celek…. He progressed thru his reads, went to Shady, to the receivers on the far side of the field, avoided a defender and passed to Celek for a TD. I have never seen Vick progress thru his reads like that. (from Cork)

Jaiquawn Jarrett was a popular target during the chat:

"Jaiquawn Jarrett is not a very good football player, maybe athletic but I don't see a single bit of instinctiveness in his game. It's frightening. He looks lost out there, always late or a step behind. (from Jon ft Washington)