Eagles training camp 2013: GM Howie Roseman talks to the media

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Howie Roseman had a chance to speak with the media prior to today's practise. Here's a quick round-up of what he said.

• In regard to whether or not the Eagles will look for outside help at the WR position after losing Jeremy Maclin, Roseman said he has a lot of faith in the skill position players already on the roster.

• Maclin won't go on IR until the team cuts down to 75 players.

• Roseman is excited about the TE group, mentioning that they brought in James Casey and Zach Ertz. He also mentioned the "2nd year jump" for guys at the RB position, in Bryce Brown and Chris Polk.

• Roseman thinks Damaris Johnson "has a role."

• Roseman doesn't anticipate Arrelious Benn being out very long.

• Roseman would not commit to which receivers will be the 1's, 2's, etc. He cited the "depth chart set in sand" mantra.

• In regard to whether the TE position would be more heavily utilized, Roseman said "(Chip) is much more personnel driven than even I thought just from observing him at Oregon. It's going to be based on the guys who are producing at a high level. If that's the TE position, they'll get more reps. If it's the receiver position, if it's the running back group, (they'll get more reps). I think that is yet to be determined, since we're so early in camp.

• Maclin was at a football camp in Missouri before he got the college, and he tore his ACL on the last rep before they left for the day. Roseman said he was totally "clean from that injury." The Eagles did a full medical evaluation on Maclin coming out of college. "He was 100% healthy coming into this camp. It was just a freak injury. It stinks." 

• In regards to Maclin not holding out for a deal, and subsequently being injured, Roseman said that Maclin "didn't want to short-sell himself." He said Maclin is "extremely competitive, and thinks that he could have been playing at a higher level than he had been playing at. He also doesn't want to short-sell himself, and so that was also a concern."

• "When you look at the history of guys who have held out, things don't necessarily work out for those guys too."

• Roseman said that the flip side of using two small players like DeSean Jackson and Damaris Johnson at the same time is that they are two explosive guys, and if that's the best matchup against certain teams, then that's what they'll go with.

• The Eagles haven't drafted a WR before the 5th round since they drafted Maclin. Roseman said that's just how the board fell.

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