Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Chiefs game

Fans at Lincoln Financial Field only had a few moments of celebration during the Eagles' loss to the Chiefs. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

The "House of Horrors" Award: Lincoln Financial Field 

The Eagles have not won a home game since Week 4 against the Giants last season. That would be 8 consecutive home losses. Durng that span, the Eagles are 2-5 on the road, which is better.

The "How is Chad Hall Still in the League?" Award: Andy Reid 

For some unknown reason, our old friend Andy Reid loves Chad Hall, and he’s going to make him a Hall of Famer whether anybody likes it or not. It was fun to see the Chiefs using Hall in the red zone. Hall’s “Red Zone Effectiveness” rating in Madden is -47. OK, so that doesn’t really exist, but that’s what it would be if it did. 

The “AFC Losses Aren’t as Meaningful” Award: Billy Davis 

After the Eagles’ Week 1 win over the Redskins in Landover, Billy Davis explained that a road division win is like a win and a half. I didn’t ask him what losses to AFC opponents are worth, but I’m just going to say on my own that they’re worth 33.333333% of a loss. Therefore, the Eagles are really only 1.5-0.66666, and after they lose in Denver next week, they’ll still be 1.5-1, which is still a winning record. 

The “I Told You Vinny Curry is Good” Award: The Fans

After being inactive for the first two weeks of he season, Vinny Curry became sort of the “backup QB” of the defense, in that he was the guy that fans couldn’t wait to see play because the regulars weren’t getting it done. Curry had a sack, a knockdown, and drew a holding call on the Chiefs OL. Frankly, he didn’t play as much as he should have.

The "Wes Welker Award for Achievement in Slot Receiving": Eddie Royal and Donnie Avery 

Last week, Eddie Royal was targeted 8 times. He made 7 catches for 90 yards and 3 TDs. This week, Donnie Avery was targeted 7 times, and made 7 catches for 141 yards, which included several key 3rd down pickups. 

Here are their combined stats: 15 targets, 14 catches, 231 yards, 3 TD.

The “I’m Just Giving Out the Wes Welker Award for Achievement in Slot Receiving in Advance” Award: Wes Welker

Pencil him in for 27 catches, 326 yards, and 8 TDs next Sunday.

The “Rabble Rabble Rabble” Award 

There was undoubtedly a lot of “That won’t work here, college boy” after Chip Kelly’s failed 2-point conversion in the first half. Nonsense. If we can take a moment to be serious here for a second, I loved seeing that, and hope we see more of it. I’ll have much more on that later.

The “At Least LeSean McCoy is Still Awesome” Award: LeSean McCoy 

After the Eagles’ Week 1 win over the Redskins, Jason Peters predicted that McCoy would have 1000 rushing yards by Week 10. McCoy already has 395, and is on pace to hit 1000 in Week 8.

The “Let’s Begin Taking a Peek at the College QBs” Award: Howie Roseman


  • Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
  • Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson
  • Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA
  • Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon


Those are your 4 college QBs to watch. Learn them. Live them. Love them. One of them might be an Eagle next season, as long as the Eagles continue to lose, which they might. Scout ‘em up, Howie.

The “Giving the Ball to the Other Team is a Bad Idea" Award: The Eagles' offense

When you turn the ball over 5 times, your chances of winning decrease. They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, you’ll lose every time. Turning the ball over 5 times stings the nostrils, but in a bad way. 

Bonus statistic: The Eagles are 0-2 against AFC West teams whose names begin with "Ch..." They are undefeated against the rest of the NFL. That bodes well for the rest of their schedule.