Eagles training camp 2013: What they're saying: Ducks and Eagles fans are new best friends

Chip Kelly left Oregon to take the job as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Brian Davies/AP, The Register-Guard)

I'll be doing an Eagles chat later, and since there's no media access today, I can go a little longer than normal. Please submit your qustions! Until then, here's what they're saying about the Birds...

Detailed game review: The defense vs Jags - Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

LOGAN - Came in at NT on the opening drive. Has terrific lateral movement ability. Engages the blocker and is able to move right or left in pursuit of the ball. Good feet. Terrific hustle to fly out wide and get RB after short catch and run in the flat. Gets the most push of any Eagles NT on pass plays. Did a better job of holding his ground vs the run.

No-22: How Barwin’s Finding Success In Different Roles - Sheil Kapadia, Philly Mag

Much of the talk around Barwin has been about how his sack total dropped from 11.5 in 2011 to just 3.0 in 2012. But the truth is Barwin’s versatility is what the Eagles found most attractive when they brought him on board. Moving from a Wide-9 4-3 to a 3-4, they needed an outside linebacker equipped to handle a number of different responsibilities. And that’s what they got in Barwin.

NFL rarity: Kelly has final say on roster - Zach Berman, Inquirer

An NFL.com series described who has control in each organization and included final say on the 53-man rosters for 29 of 32 teams. Only five head coaches (including Kelly) have final say on the 53-man roster, according to the report. Two of those coaches, Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan, have responsibilities that go beyond head coach. The 24 other teams leave the last word on the roster to general managers or front-office executives.

Kelly is the only one of eight new head coaches with such power. That group includes former Eagles coach Andy Reid, who had full personnel control in Philadelphia but reportedly does not have it with the Kansas City Chiefs.

More on Chip Kelly and time of possession - Mark Saltveit, BGN

Chip's 2012 Oregon team took an average of 2:07 to score, and they almost never kicked field goals. Basically, a two minute drill was their average speed. They scored 24 touchdowns last year in less than a minute, and 46 in less than two minutes. Against Arkansas State, they scored their 50th point with seven minutes left in the second quarter. Against Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl, they were leading 8-0 after 12 seconds.

You get the picture. They scored fast. So opponents couldn't really deny Oregon the ball, because the Ducks didn't need much time. As long as they executed their offense, and got some snaps, they scored. When you play that fast, you create time.

Furthermore, Oregon had a gambling defense that defined "bend but don't break." So, against the Ducks, you grind down the clock, chew up 5 minutes driving to the Oregon 10, get intercepted and the Ducks score in 90 seconds. How's your time of possession now, eh?

Brown and Johnson: Trustworthy with the ball? - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly

They’re both explosive, electrifying playmakers. Bryce Brown is strong and powerful, Damaris Johnson speedy and elusive.
The Eagles stole both of them last year after neither played college football in 2011. They signed Johnson as an undrafted free agent and drafted Brown in the seventh round.
Both had auspicious rookie years, record-setting years even, and both have had plenty of eye-popping moments this preseason.
Brown last year became the youngest player in NFL history with consecutive games of 165 rushing yards and two touchdowns.
Johnson last year became the youngest undrafted player in NFL history with a punt return of 98 yards or longer.
With both, you just wonder: Can you trust 'em?

NFL expert picks - CBS

CBS' writers pick the division winners, and the Eagles are the near-unanimous choice to finish last in the NFC East.

Dennis Kelly expected to miss at least first two games of the season - Jeff Mclane, Inquirer

Eagles tackle Dennis Kelly said that he is scheduled to have his back evaluated by doctors on Sept. 16 before he can be cleared to return following surgery.

Kelly had surgery to repair a herniated disk on Aug. 8. The Eagles said then that he would miss the entire preseason. The second-year tackle is expected to make the 53-man roster, but would miss at least the first two games of the season.

Eagles down to 75 after they 'waive/injured' Phillip Hunt - BGN

If he goes unclaimed by another team by 4pm tomorrow, Hunt will revert back to the Eagles' injured reserve list.


Ever since Chip Kelly became the coach of the Eagles, a lot of Oregon Duck fans became Philly fans. There's now a connection between Oregon and Philly, and apparently it goes both ways. I was at Champs Nike Yardline in Cherry Hill last night, and found it interesting that they carry a large volume of Oregon apparel.


In case you missed it at the Red Zone...



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