Eagles OL coach Jeff Stoutland talks about Kelce, Johnson, Herremans and Watkins

Jeff Stoutland spent the last 11 seasons molding huge young men at Division I colleges into viable professional linemen. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

This morning, we learned that Eagles OL coach Jeff Stoutland used game film of Jason Peters to teach his players at Alabama, Miami, and Michigan State, but he also had plenty to say about other Eagles linemen. Evan Mathis didn't come up in the conversation, but Stoutland did talk about Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Todd Herremans, and Danny Watkins.

On Jason Kelce:

"Why do you think Kelce is here (early for camp)? Why do you think that guy is here? He doesn’t need to be here. He just loves football. He’s like that kid in high school (who) never left the gym. He’s a gym rat. He loves to learn.

We have a really good relationship, and I can talk to him openly.

Real explosive, real quick. He’s his own worst critic. He really analyzes anything he does to make sure he’s exact on what he’s doing.

We have a lot of guys that have (leadership qualities). Evan is like that, Todd is definitely like that, Kelce is probably the most like that. And I think Lane will be like that as he grows.

On Lane Johnson:

He’s really fast, really quick, great change of direction, really long. I don’t know if you realize how long he is. I remember when we worked him out. I went down to Texas to his high school, and his high school coach set me up there. He was doing a “V-stretch,” and he was sitting on the ground. I was standing about where you are (about 3 feet away), and he stuck his arms out, and he reached to the chair (another foot past me). And he got on the bag drills, and when you watch him do the bag, his feet are so fast. He’s really like a skill player playing offensive line. And he’s physical, really a unique guy.

He has grown immensely since OTAs. Just his steps alone, what he’s seeing, I think he’s so much better.

On Todd Herremans:

“Herremans is tremendous. He’s a very, very confident guy. He loves to communicate. He might be the best communicator I’ve ever been around. That guy is incredible. He reminds me of (former Alabama center) Barrett Jones. Those two guys know everything.”

On Danny Watkins:

“I’ll say this. Danny Watkins has worked his butt off. Worked his butt off this spring. He’s put a lot of time into it on his own, other than being out here and what they’re required to do. He’s done a lot of stuff on his own to help him understand this new offense, to understand what I’m teaching, so I give him a lot of credit for that. That’s all good. Now you gotta produce. You gotta go play.”

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