DeSean Jackson betting odds!

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Think you know how the DeSean Jackson situation will play out? Well... Put your money where your mouth is!

The folks over at Betfair Casino have put out odds on the #Jaccpocalypse.

What will happen with Desean Jackson?

  • Jackson stays with the Eagles - EVS (Even money)
  • Jackson gets traded – 6/4
  • Jackson gets cut/released – 7/2

What team will DeSean Jackson be on at the start of the 2014 season?

  • Philadelphia Eagles - EVS (Even money)
  • Oakland Raiders – 3/1
  •  New York Jets – 7/2
  • Field/Any Other – 4/1
  • New England Patriots – 8/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs – 16/1
  •  San Francisco 49ers – 25/1
  • Dallas Cowboys – 50/1

So for those of you who are sure you've got it pegged, here's your chance to put your kids through college.

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