DeSean Jackson betting odds

Eagles' DeSean Jackson. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Now that DeSean Jackson has found a new home down I-95, Vegas has placed odds on how productive he'll be a Redskin. The betting odds are as follows, via

1) Total Receiving Yards in the 2014 Regular Season - DeSean Jackson           

Over/Under                    1000½ 

2) Total Receptions in the 2014 Regular Season - DeSean Jackson      

Over/Under                    72½

3) Total TD's in the 2014 Regular Season - DeSean Jackson    

Over/Under                    7

And finally, a very interesting one...

4) Who will record more TD Passes in the 2014 Regular Season?

Nick Foles (PHI) QB                  -5                    

Robert Griffin III (WAS) QB        +5                  

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