Chip Kelly explains LeSean McCoy and Riley Cooper's heated sideline exchange

Eagles head coach talks with wide receiver Riley Cooper at practice. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

With about 4 minutes left in the game against the Redskins on Sunday, Nick Foles tried to scramble for a first down, which he was initially granted by the officials. Upon review, Foles' knee was ruled down before he was able to reach the ball across the first down marker. During the review, the FOX camera crew caught LeSean McCoy and Riley Cooper in what looked like a heated exchange:

That's Eagles RB coach Duce Staley (left) trying to pull McCoy away from Cooper. The exchange was brief, and Chip Kelly was asked about it on WIP's Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi.

"That’s great, isn’t it? I think they’re just discussing about making plays, and I think they’re competitive, and they all want to win, and sometimes things get heated, but we all love each other," said Kelly.

"It’s not like this is going to be Kumbaya and we all hug and kiss all the time. I think you’ve got some highly competitive athletes that are talking about making plays or not making plays, and sometimes that gets your dander up, and I look at it as a good thing."

Long before McCoy got into it with Cooper, he was fired up before the Eagles-Redskins game even began, which brings us to a new weekly feature...

Film breakdown in which you learn nothing: "Shady's flag thievery"

During pregame warmups, a Redskins fan brought a "You're in Redskins country" flag with him to the Linc, which McCoy stole and crumpled up (via SBNation):

This was actually brilliant execution by McCoy. Watch as he acts like he's just going over to greet some Eagles fans. His eyes are on the good guys, pretending like he doesn't care about the Redskins fan and his dumb "Redskins territory" flag:

Then, as he's in the act of giving a high 5 with his left hand, he's refocusing his attention on the Redskin fan's flag:

Thinking that Shady is ignoring him, the Redskins fan's guard is now down, and he holds onto his flag loosely. Before he can react, Shady snatches it with his right hand so fast that I can't even get a non-blurry screen shot of it:


Shady then struts away, crumples up the flag, and throws it to the ground, which is met with approval by this guy:

It's not easy making "purple sweater vest guy" smile. Well done, LeSean.