Andy Reid is exclusively practicing pass plays at Chiefs camp

Chiefs coach Andy Reid walks the practice field during NFL football training camp in St. Joseph, Mo., Thursday, July 25, 2013. (Orlin Wagner/AP)

Old friend Andy Reid, hater of the handoff, has not yet practiced running plays through two days of training camp with the Chiefs.

Per Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star:

It was all passing, all Wednesday morning for the Chiefs’ quarterbacks, rookies and selected veterans. The Chiefs have not attempted a running play during the team portions of the first two days of camp.

That's the Andy we all know and... well... know. It's somewhat understandable, as NFL passing attacks are far more complicated than rushing attacks, so working on the more difficult stuff makes sense. Still, it is a reminder of the difference between Reid's regime, and what we perceive Chip Kelly's will be. Last season, the Eagles had the 8th highest pass:run ratio in the NFL:

The Eagles' placement on the above list doesn't sound that bad on the surface, but when you consdier that Eagles' QBs ran the ball 73 times in 2012, most of which were likely on called pass plays, the ratio becomes even more skewed.

This season, you can probably expect the Eagles to run the ball... a lot. They have one of the most talented groups of running backs in the NFL, an extraordinarily athletic offensive line, and a head coach who has proven that he likes the ground game. 

According to Rotoworld’s Evan Silva, the Oregon Ducks’ run:pass ratio was 685:373 in 2012. That would be just shy of 65% run plays. There is no way you can have a run:pass ratio that lopsided in the NFL, but you can be almost positive the Chippah will run it far more than Big Red.

Today, Todd Herremans said "I think our running game will be second to none." You have to actually run it to find out.

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