5 initial notes/observations about the San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. (AP Photo/Denis Poro)

1) The Chargers' #1 WR is Malcom Floyd, who is 6'5. Floyd's numbers over the last 4 years are OK, but certainly not anything close to what you would consider "#1 WR type production." He's a player that provided quality #2 type production when he was 2nd fiddle to Vincent Jackson, who is now in Tampa. Floyd's numbers:

Bradley Fletcher sustained a concussion against the Redskins. If Fletcher cannot go on Sunday, 5'9 Brandon Boykin will play on the outside. Boykin said that the Eagles have no plans to try to avoid having him cover Floyd, who he would be giving up 9 inches to. It will be an interesting test for Boykin, but it's not as if he's going up against Calvin Johnson.

2) Keep an eye on ex-Colt Dwight Freeney, who now plays with the Chargers. He was excellent Monday night against the Texans, working against a really good LT in Duane Brown. While he primarily lined up on the right side of the Chargers' defense, he did get some chances on the left side as well. It will be interesting to see if the Chargers want the wily vet to work on rookie RT Lane Johnson instead of his traditional spot against the LT.

3) How prepared can the Chargers be from an X's and O's standpoint? Jim Haslett and the Redskins watched Oregon tape for months in preparation for Chip Kelly's offense. The Chargers are unlikely to expend those kinds of resources for a team they play once every four years.

4) After one week, the Chargers are ranked 27th in offense an 28th on defense. On the Chargers' final 5 drives last week, they ran 13 plays. They got 10 yards, no first downs, and gave up a pick 6. They blew a 21 point lead, and now have to fly to the East coast for a 1pm game. How well will the Chargers respond to their choke job? There actually is some precedence here. Last season, the Chargers blew a 24-0 lead against Denver:


Can the Eagles’ offense get even faster?

The following week, the Chargers lost 7-6 to the Browns.

5) During the offseason, a bunch of football nerds got together and held a draft in which they selected players around the league like they were building their own franchise. It was a pretty interesting exercise. Within that draft, Phillip Rivers was the 18th QB taken. Ryan Mathews was the 26th RB taken. Malcom Floyd wasn't drafted. Antonio Gates was the 13th TE taken. What's the point of noting this? The Chargers' skill position players are crap.