10 initial random thoughts on Eagles-Jaguars

Eagles running back Bryce Brown fumbles. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles lost the turnover battle 3-1 against the Jaguars in preseason game #3. They're now -6 on the preseason, which would put them on a pace to be worse in that department than they were in 2012, a seemingly impossible feat. That has to change immediately, although the Eagles did win the game 31-24. There was good and bad in this one, but it was mostly a sloppy performance by both teams. Here are my random thoughts: 

• Michael Vick threw a gorgeous ball to Riley Cooper in the back of the end zone. It had heat on it, and was accurate. That's good Michael Vick. He also made a few defenders that had a free run at him miss, before turning those misses into positive gains with his feet. Also good Michael Vick.

And then he threw an absolutely terrible INT on a ball he should have never thrown, followed by this gem later in the first half:

Vick was terrific the first two preseason games, and while his numbers against the Jags aren't bad on paper, there were most definitely glimpses of "2012 Michael Vick." Can he be trusted?

• Nick Elway, er, Foles, meanwhile, went 10 for 11 with 112 yards, and led a game-winning 99 yard TD drive. That was against the Jags' defensive backups. Of course, it was also with the Eagles' backups on offense.

• Vinny Curry dominated again. His first step is special, and is something I covered a couple weeks ago.

• Damaris Johnson had a really rough stretch. First, he lost a fumble, and shortly thereafter he had a bad kick return when he tried to run East-West instead of North-South.

He made up for it a bit when he returned a punt 37 yards and a kickoff 61 yards.

• Bryce Brown is so incredibly talented, and yet, so incredibly frustrating. The play on which he fumbled out the back of the end zone was the good and bad of Bryce Brown, all in one play. He had the speed to make a play, and then ruined it with terrible ball security.

What's more troubling, however, is that he doesn't seem to learn. Here's Bryce on a drive after his fumble. Look at how he's carrying the ball:

• What a great play by Connor Barwin on his INT.

• What a great play by Fletcher Cox chasing down Chad Henne and clotheslining him, forcing a punt. Fletcher Cox is a man.

• The Eagles had 7 sacks from 7 different players. Their ability to get to the QB was encouraging. 

• Nate Allen was replaced by Earl Wolff after just one series. Wolff took an awful angle which led to a long TD run by the Jags.

• According to Brian Baldinger, Casey Matthews and Jamar Chaney are more likely to make the team than Brandon Graham.

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