They said what about the Birds?

Michael Vick looks for an open reciever during 11-on-11 drills. (Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Following a slow morning walk-through that really should have been called a stand-around, it's time again to look around the country to see what others are saying about the Eagles.

*ESPN's Dan Graziano writes about how the Eagles are unique because of how much hitting occurs so early in training camp. "If you need your football fix in early August, I'd say come on out to Lehigh and watch the Eagles pound on each other for a couple of hours. It was certainly the most lively and entertaining practice I've yet seen on my trip."

*Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke tabbed defensive back Brandon Boykin as one of the 10 rookies who could make a big impact this season primarily as a returner but perhaps also as a nickel back. "Boykin looked like a steal in April and nothing has happened to change that since."

*Of his three observations about the Eagles, SI's Don Banks says that Michael Vick seems more driven, DeMeco Ryans will have a major impact on the defense, and punter and backup running back are the only spots where there is a competition for jobs. He also says new offensive lineman Demetress Bell will be under the spotlight as Jason Peters' replacement.

*Mike Freeman previews the Eagles season on by saying everything is riding on Vick and DeSean Jackson, and that some NFL insiders around the league think Jackson could take a big step back. "What happens with these two men will determine the Eagles' season. If Vick is indeed emerging into The Best Vick Ever, the Eagles will be tough to beat. If Jackson isn't falling behind, as speculated, and he's the good DeSean, then the Eagles' offense will practically be unstoppable."

*Jay Glazer, of, says the Eagles' drama-free training camp is much-needed and has been a long time coming.

* highlights the importance of the backup quarterback on a team led by Vick. "His reckless style of play, which has included 176 rushing attempts over the last two seasons, isn't conducive to him answering the bell for 16 games." The site questions if Mike Kafka is right for the job, noting, "Kafka still is struggling with the deep ball. Most of his interceptions in camp have come when he's underthrown Eagles' receivers on vertical routes."

*At, Gregg Rosenthal quotes DeSean Jackson as saying Vick has gotten the message about the need to avoid being hit. "I think (Vick's) caught on man, I don't think he wants to take them hits and I don't think he wants to be hurt no more this year."