Philly Zoo welcomes 4 ruffed lemur babies

Philadelphia Zoo officials announced Thursday four new additions to its primate family.

The four black-and-white ruffed lemur babies -- weighing in at a combined 1/3 of a pound -- were born to mother Kiaka, 9, and father Huey, 10, on Feb. 21.


Kiaka, who arrived at the zoo in 2011, will continue nursing the babies even after they try solid foods at six and eight weeks. This is Kiaka's first litter.

The furry newborns are expected to publicly meet the world in the next few weeks. 

After their video debut Thursday, reader @RoxieKat suggested the zoo name one of the little guys after comedian Gary Shandling, who died today.  (We nominate the one on the right.)


Lemurs, endangered in their native home of Madagascar, have seen significant growth in several variations of species survival plans while in captivity.