Why is Jim Gaffigan at the Festival of Families?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan has been dubbed the King of Clean Comedy. The father of five’s sets often revolve around his love of food and living with his children and wife (and writing partner) Jeannie, who he (lovingly) refers to as a Shiite Catholic. But Gaffigan's Catholicism also informs a major part of his work. His sitcom, TV Land’s The Jim Gaffigan Show, often looks at the relationship between his religion and his celebrity. He also presents a decidedly modern view of faith; on his show, for example, a major character is gay.

“Comedy is this art form that's constructed on intimacy; it's a conversation. And so I don't know ... I can't even contemplate ... I can't even reach out to another comedian who has done a similar event to this. Kevin Hart did the Eagles football stadium, but we're talking about a difference of 900,000 people here, probably. …” Gaffigan told Fresh Air about performing at the Festival of Families. “Talking about it, doing interviews like this, makes me realize that I should be more prepared.”

Watch: Gaffigan talks religion in his 2006 comedy special "Beyond the Pale"