Trump casino sign for sale, but not the Taj Mahal part

The de-Trumping of the Trump Taj Mahal begins as workers remove on of about 17 signs from the casino hotel. At least one of the signs has surfaced for sale on ebay.

Now you can own a piece of history.

The sign that hung on the entryway of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City has been listed on eBay. 

Just the "Trump" part, though — the "Taj Mahal" stays in place. 

Asking price: $5,000.

The casino hotel, which closed in October and has not been owned by President Trump for years, removed the Trump signs from the exterior this week. In total, 17 Trump signs will be removed from entrances.

The "used" item was described as in "very good" condition and features "illuminated ruby-red glass in riveted brass casing" and Sanskrit-style letters, but is missing a few interior bulbs.

The seller pointed out the historical nature of the sign.

"When it opened to frenzied crowds in 1990, the Taj Mahal was the most expensive casino ever built, and was billed the 'eighth wonder of the world,' " the description says.

The sign will be sold to the highest bidder on Feb. 26, according to the notice.