Trump and Clinton campaigns still owe Newtown $25K for October rallies

Newtown Township Supervisors say they forked over close to $25,000 in police and fire overtime for campaign stops by Donald Trump and Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine and they would like to be reimbursed. 

Two supervisors, Jen Dix and Phil Calabro, have written the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club Sports Training Center where the Oct. 21 Trump rally was held asking for help to get the $19,230 spent in police and fire overtime from the campaign, reported. 

Dix also asked the Bucks County Democratic Committee to look into reimbursement  of $5,623 from the Clinton campaign for the Tim Kaine rally on Oct. 26. at the Community College, Patch said.

"We recognized that these presidential rallies are valuable and exceptional events for the community and you have every right to use your facility to host one. However, we feel it is inappropriate for the taxpayers of Newtown to be stuck with the bill for a political event. We say that regardless of the party affiliation of the candidate," the Dix and Calabro said in a letter to Jim Worthington, the athletic club's owner.

Worthington said he planned to use his connections with the Trump campaign to help obtain a reimbursement, Patch reported.