Report: Trump to name Christie to head panel on opioid addiction

President Trump plans to announce later this week that he has picked the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to head up a drug commission devoted to the opioid abuse problem, The Washington Post is reporting

Christie and first-son-in-law Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, have been working on the issue for several weeks, the paper reported.

Kushner has been tasked with putting together a SWAT team of consultants to take on issues such as opioid abuse, which Trump often spoke about while on the campaign trail.

The position is voluntary and part-time and would not require Christie to give up his position, reports, quoting unidentified sourced.

Christie has said he plans to spend much of his last year in office combating drug addiction in New Jersey. 

After dropping out of the presidential race, the N.J. governor was reported to have been under consideration for vice president and attorney general but was passed over. He has said he was asked to join the Trump administration but turned down the posts so he can serve his last year as governor.