Showering in a truck: 'A new experience'

"It's a new experience," said Mary Beth Monsalve, 50, an intensive care nurse at Jefferson University Hospital, as she stepped inside the portable showers set up in a 53-foot trailer parked on Locust St., between 10th and 11th streets.

As music played overhead, she turned on the water along with colleagues Heather Clark, 38, and Suzanne Weikel. All three are scheduled to stay at Jefferson through Sunday.

They are greeting it with good humor.

"It's a big slumber party, that's how we're looking at it," Monsalve said.

#popeinphilly Business has been so-so at the No Sweat Mobile Shower Service Jefferson University Hospital brought in for employees staying the weekend. But lead operator Anthony Kent said he's ready for anything, having handled bike races and walkathons. The trailer holds 16 showers for men and women, plus 8 sinks and even blowdryers. "Plenty of hot water ... Unless I forget to switch out the propane tamk," Kent said. The 53-foot truck is here from Virginia."Usually they park us in a field or parking lot," Kent said. "I've never been parked in the street and set up on a sidewalk."

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