Scene around town

The pope has lunch and a nap on his official schedule right now. Our staffers, took to Twitter to describe what was happening around town.

Crowds outside cathedral have thinned, people now streaming toward Parkway stage. Music has started there. – Laura McCrystal

 As people walk, you sense a quiet joy amid the rigor, giving these Philly streets a moment to be redefined, to be still. – Maria Panaritis

 Primarily a Spanish-speaking crowd here at Indy Hall. The Spanish translations get significantly louder responses. – Julia Terruso

 Cindy McLeod, Superintendent of Independence Mall Nat'l Park offers US history lesson to #PopeInPhilly crowd "This place, Independence Hall, has stories that connect us with the powerful and the downtrodden.”  – JT

 Lots of people up on the Ben Franklin Bridge taking selfies. Maybe they should open it more often for recreation. – Mari Schaefer

Seen on @SEPTA monitor. Guy comes to homeless man sitting by train stop. Doesn't ask him to move. Sits on street with him, gives him food. – Jason Laughlin

 Here's a look around town from instagrammers


A photo posted by Keith Major (@keith.major) on Sep 26, 2015 at 9:35am PDT

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Officer Chris Denshuick of the University of Pennsylvania Police says he's probably been in 1,000 photos today, thanks to the #PopeFrancis doll on his bike. "He's a people's pope," says Denshuick. #popeinphilly #CNN

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I'm seeing the Pope today... What are you doing? ���� #religiousstudiesmajordream

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Welcome Pope Francis... #popeweekend #popeweekendphilly #popeweekendphiladelphia #Philly #Philadelphia #CityOfBrotherlyLove

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Pope Francis, here we come! @paballet #paballet #pabpope #talent #festivaloffamilies #popeapalooza #popeinphilly

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Seen at Walnut & W Rittenhouse Square #popocalypse2015 #popefrancis

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