Profile in faith

Therese Yarmesh, 24, bounced 10-month-old Fulton in a carrier strapped to her waist as they watched the opening ceremony of the World Meeting of Families Tuesday. The Columbus, Ohio, woman said her back was feeling okay so far, but she wasn’t sure how long that situation would last.

 "We just started our family," she said, gesturing to her husband Brett Yarmesh, 27.


The three of them are staying with her cousin who lives in North Philadelphia.

 She is hoping the day’s sessions will yield tips on “having a holy family,’’ she said.  In particular she wants to hear from Bishop Robert Barron, known for his World on Fire ministry. She and her husband completed his video study series called “Priests, Prophets and Kings.’’

 Most of all, though, she’s excited for her family to "receive the blessing and grace from the Pope.’’