Pope on a bike

Waving the flag of Zimbabwe, Emelda Madando posed with the bike that is being given to Pope Francis. He is "so different from other popes," she said, she is sure he is going to ride the bike. And now she can say she touched the holy bike and has the picture to prove it. "He's a man of the people," Madado said, echoing Mayor Nutter’s earlier words about “a people's bike for the people's pope.’’

 Madado, traveling with her countrywoman Silvia Duri, said Philadelphia has been great so far.

"I like the part (of the opening ceremony) when the mayor said it’s the city of brotherly love," Madado said. "It's true."
The women, who are staying in Malvern, were at the train station Monday trying to figure out how to get to Center City when a local couple offered them a ride. They didn’t catch their benefactors’ names, but they’ll never forget the gesture.

"We feel at home," Duri said.