Pennsylvania teacher washed boy’s mouth out with soap, police say

A teacher in central Pennsylvania washed out a 10-year-old boy’s mouth soap last week, prompting his mother to call police, who later determined that the cleansing was not criminal.

The mouth-washing was reportedly dished out last Thursday at Harrisburg’s Camp Curtin School, with the student’s mother later calling police to report the incident as an assault, according to PennLive. Police investigated the incident, and left the matter up to school administrators.

“The allegation was that the teacher rubbed soap on the student’s tongue,” Police Capt. Gabriel Olivera told PennLive. “It was determined to be a school administration issue, not a criminal issue.”

As CBS21 reports, the boy’s mother says that her son had his mouth washed out after arguing with another student. Her son, meanwhile, told the station that the teacher, who remains unidentified, “told me to go by the sink” and “got a bar of soap and started rubbing it on my tongue.”

“I do want to go back to school . . .” the boy told CBS21. “I just don’t want to stay in that class.”

The school has not yet commented on the incident over student confidentiality issues, with district spokeswoman Kirsten Keys telling PennLive that “school districts are not permitted to disclose, nor discuss student and/or employee matters.”