Officer hurt in struggle with suspect, teen arrested in the Northeast

A police officer investigating a report of a man with a gun was injured early Monday in a struggle with a possible suspect, authorities said.

Police found a 17-year-old found hiding nearby and arrested him.

The officer, whose head banged on the ground during the struggle, was released later Monday morning after receiving treatment at Aria Health's Torresdale hospital.

Police said the officer was investigating a report of a man with a gun about 4 a.m. Monday when he stopped to question a suspect fitting the description of the person being sought on the 12000 block of Academy Road.

When the officer started to frisk the suspect, the male body slammed the officer, who fell backwards, knocked his head on the ground and lost consciousness, police said.

Police later found the 17-year-old hiding behind nearby stores and took him into custody.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said police were using dogs to search for a handgun.

He said the teen also fit the description of  a suspect who robbed a nearby 7-Eleven early Sunday.

No charges have been filed yet.