Mike Huckabee piles public scorn on Comcast customer service

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee let "the 'Twit' hit the fan" Monday after dealing with customer service at Philadelphia-based Comcast.

The former presidential candidate took to Twitter to bash the global telecom conglomerate when a technician failed to show up for a scheduled appointment.

He didn't stop there. He continued.


And again.

Comcast apologized, chalked it up to a scheduling issue, and fixed the problem.

"We completely understand Governor Huckabee’s frustration and are so sorry that we missed yesterday morning’s scheduled appointment," Comcast spokesperson Jenni Moyer said in a statement to Business Insider. "We worked to send a technician to the Governor’s home as soon as we learned about this and are happy we were able to resolve the issue that same day."

But Huckabee wasn't so quick to let Comcast off the hook.