Melissa McCarthy takes Sean Spicer's podium for a test drive

Melissa McCarthy is seen her Sean "Spicey" Spicer costume preparing to shoot a video in Midtown Manhattan for her appearance this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, and to no one's surprise, she’ll be reprising her role as White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

McCarthy confirmed the news in the oddest way – she was spotted driving down 58th Street in New York City, outside CNN's New York offices, Friday morning dressed as Spicer.

The moving lectern was built by a Montgomery County duo calling themselves the Monkey Boys, who produce puppets and other related props for broadcasters and cable channels such as PBS, Comedy Central, ABC, and NBC.

“Usually people call us because they need something with a little quirk, something specialized,” co-founder Marc Petrosino told the Inquirer back in February.  

Spicer has been a frequent target of McCarthy, who has mocked the embattled press secretary three times this season. In her last appearance, McCarthy donned an Easter Bunny suit (which Spicer wore in real life during the White House Easter Egg Roll while serving in George W. Bush's administration) and angrily offered an apology for making the misstatements about Hitler during Passover, the “Jewish Easter.”

“Yes, you all got your wish this week, didn’t you, huh? Spicey finally made a mistake,” McCarthy’s Spicer said. “I know they’re not really called Holocaust centers. Duh. I know that. I’m aware. I clearly meant to say concentration clubs.”

McCarthy will have plenty of content to work with. Spicer was widly mocked for hiding behind the bushes Tuesday night from reporters seeking answers about the firing of FBI Director James Comey. 

Alec Baldwin has also confirmed that he will appear on the broadcast, reprising his role as President Trump.