JK Rowling encourages authors with her own rejection letters

JK Rowling is  sharing a pair of rejection letters she received from publishers when she was writing under her pen name, Robert Galbraith.

The Harry Potter author posted the letters to Twitter Friday as a way to encourage budding writers to keep on writing. The letters themselves reject the publication of Rowling’s first effort after the Harry Potter series, The Cuckoo’s Calling.

“I regret that we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we could not publish [your book] with commercial success,” reads one letter from Constable & Robinson. It goes on to ask Rowling to check the “buyer’s guide of Bookseller magazine” to find a proper publisher.

Creme de la Crime’s rejection letter, meanwhile, simply states that the company is “unable to accept new submissions at the moment” due to a merger with Severn House Publishers.

Rowling, for her part, sold more than 400 million books in the Harry Potter series. The series later became the second-most lucrative film franchise in history.

“I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try,” Rowling said Friday.