'It felt like the Holy Spirit had descended'

Sister Theresa Bealer and Sister Patricia Myers, both from Pittsburgh, after the pope spoke Saturday night. ( DON SAPATKIN / Staff )

Sister Theresa Bealer, 64, was so energized after the pope spoke that she bounced to the music on the Parkway, as if waiting to get into a dance.

It has been an exhilarating week, and an unexpected one, for her and Sister Patricia Myers, 62, both from Pittsburgh.

They had planned to attend the regular events at the World Conference of Families but then Sister Bealer came across the youth conference online and said "let's volunteer."

There were about 1,700 kids, from all over the world, painting, doing gospel dramas, shooting (hoops) with the seminarians, a faith scavenger hunt.

"They got a rosary, a scapular, a miraculous medal, a picture of the Devine mercy," Sister Myers said. And they got to talk about "life as a sister" (in their case, Sisters of the Holy Spirit).

For Sister Bealer, who grew up in Philadelphia, the highlight of the week - besides the pope - was when a little girl came up to her. "She said, 'I liked being with you yesterday.' And I said 'I liked being with you.'"

But the pope was something different. They got within feet of him when on the Parkway early Saturday.

"When he passed by - I called my family at home afterwards - I could see his eyes, I could smell him," Sister Myers said. "It felt like the Holy Spirit had descended on the pope and after touching the pope flew around," she said, and touched everyone else.