Independence Mall gets back to normal

Normalcy returned to Independence Mall Sunday, a day after Pope Francis' speech to a massive crowd at the historic venue.

Workers were removing chairs and cleaning up trash as Jumbotrons displayed the pope's remarks at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood to a mostly lawn. Visitors were again lining up to see the Liberty Bell, which reopened after having been closed during the papal events Saturday.

Some of the security barriers came down, too.

Lorrie Orosco, 55, from Midland, Texas, snapped pictures across the street from Independence Hall, an area that had previously been blocked off to most visitors. 

"It's amazing to be here," she said, recalling how Francis waved toward her when he first arrived on the parkway Saturday. "If you're in his presence, you're getting his blessings, so it was amazing."