Getting wired for the pope

It took five trips to Comcast, 200 feet of cable, a contractor to drill through a stone wall, and a rented 70-inch television.

 But St. David Roman Catholic Church, in Willow Grove, will be ready to host a screening of Pope Francis' mass on Sunday.

 "I'm a do gooder," chuckled Gary Warnalis, 60, a parishioner who helped rig up the TV in a hall in the church's basement.

 Warnalis, of Hatboro, said about 75 parish members are expected to show up Sunday for a potluck-style viewing party. There will be hot dogs, pizza, and plenty of finger foods.

 And that huge TV, which took about two weeks to set up, Warnalis said. First they couldn't figure out the right cable box to use. Then they had to make a hole in the wall to wire the cable from the rectory to the basement.

But when it came together Friday afternoon, Warnalis lifted his arms over his head in celebration.

"We were going to make this happen," he said.

Warnalis saw the Pope in person during a trip to the Vatican last year. And his wife will be on the Parkway on Sunday, celebrating Francis' visit with hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

Still, there's a unique charm to Warnalis' Sunday plans: he'll get to watch a special mass on the TV he set up in the basement of his hometown church.