Faithful try to drown out anti-Catholic protests

Anti-Catholic protests have been scattered throughout the city this weekend, and on Sunday counter-protesters came prepared to drown them out.

On 19th and Callowhill people yelled things like "You don't have a God" on megaphones at people walking near the barricades at 19th Street and Callowhill.  Jim Dugan, 54, who lives in the neighborhood, held up a stereo and blasted the Bee Gees' "Staying Alive" to counter them.

"I want to knock down the hatred that's spewing from these gentlemen over here," he said of the anti-Pope people. "We don't want the flock that's come from all corners of the earth to hear these people."

Earlier Sunday, near 17th and Cherry Street, another counter-protester employed a bagpipe against the anti-Catholic protesters.