Divine intervention for the Eagles?

Cops watch the football game while waiting for Pope Francis at the Philadelphia Airport. (William Bender/Staff)

Miles away from the hoopla on the Parkway, media, cops and organizers were twiddling their thumbs waiting for the Pope's 8 p.m. arrival at Philadelphia International Airport. Fortunately, they had the Eagles to entertain them.

The Eagles-Jets game was playing on three TVs. Loud applause erupted after Darren Sproles' stunning 89-yard punt return for a touchdown.

As far as police work goes, this is a fairly cushy assignment.

"This is a lot better than the Parkway," said one of the half-dozen officers working at the airport on what would have been their day off.

"We're just waiting for the pope and the meet-and-greet," he said, standing beside the buffet table at halftime.

Due to strict security measures, they had to be inside a tent at Atlantic Aviation six hours ahead of the pope's departure.