Another baby giraffe born at Six Flags Great Adventure

The giraffe Xena was born earlier this year at Six Flags Great Adevenuture in Jackson, N.J.

A giraffe born this year at Six Flags Great Adventure marks the third giraffe birth at the New Jersey attraction since last summer

The newest calf, a female named Xena, was born on Jan. 1, the park said.

Charly was born last August, followed by Eddie in November; both are also females. The trio brings the park's giraffe herd to 13 animals.

People will be able to see all three new giraffes on the park's Safari Off Road Adventure when the Jackson, Ocean County, attraction's season opens in April.

Still a baby, Xena stands about 6 feet tall, while Charly and Eddie have both grown to about 8 feet, according to the park.

The giraffes at Six Flags Great Adventure are reticulated giraffes, also known as Somali giraffes. The animals are native to Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Jackson giraffes are among a several giraffe babies born – or soon to be born – at attractions nationwide.

At Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., a pregnant giraffe named April has become an Internet sensation. A live camera set up in anticipation of the calf's birth has already attracted millions of viewers from around the globe and was briefly kicked off YouTube for being "sexually explicit."

Giraffes have also recently been born at zoos in Denver andBaltimore.