And he's here! Francis's rousing arrival to the Parkway concert

At 5'2" , Washington DC resident Heather Fleming would have had trouble seeing the pope over a crowd packed ten deep at Logan Square. 

So husband Kevin Garcia obligingly hoisted her on his shoulders.

Multiple times.

During a wait of more than two hours, there were several false alarms that the pontiff was en route.

Each time, Garcia squatted down so Fleming could climb on, gritted his teeth, and stood back up.

Worth it?

"Now that it's over, yes," said Garcia, 48, who works for the Department of the Navy. "But at the time...."

Fleming, a nurse, turned 44 a week ago and planned the trip to Philadelphia in celebration.

"This was my birthday request," she said.

The pope was in DC too, of course. But after studying Francis's routes, she figured she'd have a better view on the Parkway.

Especially atop her husband's shoulders.

She carried a neon-yellow poster with the words "Te amo. I love you Pope Francis!"

And managed to snap a photo of the pope mobile to boot.

-- Tom Avril