All quiet on the suburban front

SEPTA's Radnor station is expected to be one of the busiest this weekend.  But on Friday, it was largely empty.

"There's been so much emphasis on the crowding that I decided not to go," said Patricia McIntyre, a psychologist who lives across the street from the station.  

McIntyre, 63, is Buddhist and said she likes the popes messages on poverty and the environment.  But she'll be watching from home. 

The station is prepared for a crush of travelers -- Port-a-Potties, pick off and drop off signs, prohibited items.  But on Friday the parking lot there -- and at many other Septa stations -- was desolate.

Only three stations, Paoli, Radnor, and Fort Washington, in Montgomery County, have sold more than 50 percent of their passes as of Thursday.  Each had 20,000 available.