A baby offered to Pope Francis

Just before Mass began, the crowd at 21st and the Parkway strained to see the Pope, approaching quickly.

Kristin Heinly was close to the front of the crush. She turned to the woman behind her, clutching her month-old baby and held out her arms: did she want to try to have the Pope embrace the child?

Lina Naula, 31, did not hesitate. She wiped Matthew's face tenderly and handed him to Heinly, a perfect stranger.

The pontiff approached. Heinly, her hands shaking a little, held Matthew high. Security saw the boy, whose eyes were open, looking around. They took him, and approached Pope Francis.

The pope bent to Matthew and kissed him. He blessed the infant.

The agent returned Matthew to Heinly, who passed him to his mother. They were both teary.

Lina and Angel Naula are immigrants, he from Ecuador and she from Colombia. They live in Bensalem now.

People surrounded them, kissing the child, posing for photos. She wrote down her email address so the people who got good shots of the incredible moment could send them to her.

"Blessed," said Angel Naula, 38.

Heinly lives in Fairmount. She does not have children.

"It was surreal," she said, still glowing. "A random stranger gave me her child. And then the Pope kissed him and gave him back to me."

It felt a little, she said, like a miracle.